Why do you care

Living life well is the most surefire way to find a way to love it. I care so much about this beautiful and wonderful world that it sickens and saddens me when people choose cop outs that deny basic obvious truths such as, people like me do care.

Please keep in mind that it actually is basic common courtesy as well as manners that actually make this world a somewhat bearable place.

The fact that you turned your computer on means you care. United States of America Reading through the answers has made me realise that not to care is massively immature. Maybe not immediately but always in the longer haul it brings meaning and cheer to our environment.

If I were to not care, then the question would not matter to me, so it seems to be a conundrum to doubt that one does "care" if one is able to ask the question As simple as that!

Conscious life is a summation of the shared experiences, emotions, ideas and willful creations we have with others. And the most important reason?

Of course your experience will vary depending on your level of caring, but that is a personal choice. I do so without a God and without religions which keep us week and divide us. If we all care this planet would be a much better place.

Thats not very caring is it? And the time always comes when you will need someone to care for you. Vanessa Contreras, American Fork, US When you have lost something dear to you, and strangers showed you compassion and care, you have gained.

Man up and accept the world - It needs you. By refusing to give a damn, one basically abdicates the responsibility of living life. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Ending this summation is a fail. Imagine all the things we could fix if we all cared, imagine all the things we could have. Concerning yourself with this question means you care. Also, obligatory "God does not exist and anyone escaping existential despair through him is doing so through a culturally inherited lie" statement.

Know however that there is only so much your caring can accomplish, be realistic. Care enough and we can and will do more! Brian Prince, Barmouth The question seems to imply that you do and are wondering what good is accomplished in doing so.

Jeffery Hoover, Lubbock, Tx. You should care or else your partner would use up your credit card swiftly. I mean we either care or not, act on that care or not. As a human beings we have the right to care and caring is always far more rewarding than not caring.

If we want people to change, we have to start changing ourselves. So, to the next step in this line of thought, "Does it matter if I care?Have you ever thought of spending a day without caring about anyone in your life, may be you have thought about that, but you cannot implement it in real world.

There is no living being that can live individually without caring about others.

Although what do you care and why do you care have similar meanings, they have almost opposite uses. Why do you care? is employed as a real question: someone is concerned about something which seems innocent or trivial to you, and you ask for a reason.

Why Do You Care

It is ordinarily spoken with emphasis on why and care (but see snailboat's comment, below). Before asking why you *should* care, perhaps it would be worth thinking about the fact that you *do* care.

Human beings are emotional and moral beings - we simply aren't capable of observing other people's behaviour without reacting emotionally and morally (though not always rightly!) to it. [Verse 1] I can stand in front of you Look at your eyelashes dance before my eyes And certain flashes I don’t mind [Chorus] Why do you care that I know?

Lyrics for Why Do You Care by RONDÉ.

I could stand in front of you Look at your eyelashes dance before my eyes In search of fla. Why do you care so much? Because I can.

Why do you care so much? Because I should. Why do you care so much? Because you don't. Don't let anybody question what you care about, tell them like it is. Don't let anybody tell you what you should or should not care about or care for.

I'll be rooting for you.

Why do you care
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