Whats wrong with adultery essay

But such thoughts may go by the wayside when people are faced with the choice of being unfaithful to their spouse. On the contrary, for example, venereal diseases are serious illnesses that require treatment.

This is a good reason to compromise moral principles. The purpose for committing adultery in this case is to provide financial support. Definitely, the answer is no. Suddenly an affair appears to help the wife escape this horrible relationship to avoid more hurt, and the wife accepts such an affair.

Moreover, avoiding more hurt may be another reason to result in adultery, and the adultery may be understandable in such a case. Committing adultery to avoid more hurt is justifiable in this case.

His or her adultery should be forgiven and understandable in such a case, and three strategies espouse my opinion.

What is wrong with adultery

For instance, a married female sex worker may still love her spouse. There is wisdom in that thought. Such a change of meaning always makes an argument invalid and makes the argument unbelievable. For example, one reason for prostitution is money. For example, suppose a husband has a horrible relationship with his wife, and he is always using violence to hurt his wife.

Spouses have made a promise to have an exclusive relationship with one another, which includes abstaining from having sex with other people. In addition, besides talking about the strong part of her essay, the weak parts of her essay should also be reviewed.

She sells sex which is mainly due to a financial issue. I will then close with a personal thought. I do agree with the author that we should treat adultery as an immoral behavior in general, and adultery should not be condoned. Then the lack of concern and the desire to cause pain will lead to a lack of love.

But he or she is also deceptive insofar as the promises made when the marriage began included being faithful. Some married female sex workers sell sex because they need money to support their families or spouses their spouses may not have jobs or any income.

There is no need for the wife in such a case to stick with her husband any more. There will be times when you sacrifice your own happiness for the sake of your spouse, and for the relationship itself.

Her husband forces her to accept an affair. Hence, based on my opinion, we should evaluate adultery based on all possible reasons.

For Francis, the cost of following sexual fidelity with his wife is too high becasse it will be unfair for him to lose his right of having sex with a female forever during the rest of his life. Additionally, in the same section, Steinbock denies that practical considerations such as unwanted pregnancies and venereal disease can be used against adultery because not only does adultery face the risk of unwanted pregnancies and venereal disease, but it will also include all non-exclusive sex.

However, failing to check all possible evidence and then saying that adultery is wrong is not much help when it comes to specific cases. In the other words, a promise of sexual fidelity is pertaining to sex and romantic love.Check out our top Free Essays on What S Wrong With Adultery to help you write your own Essay.

Essay about Whats Wrong with Adultery Words | 6 Pages. Steinbock/What’s Wrong with Adultery? Adultery is a horrible sin to commit, but it can actually be avoided, although many people in today's society respond differently based on their religion and culture.

What’s Wrong With Adultery?

In Bonnie Steinbock’s essay, “What’s Wrong with Adultery?” she uses surveys to determine how many women had affairs, “54 percent of American wives have had extramarital affairs; a study ofmarried women by the consider-ably tamer Redbook magazine found that 40 percent of the wives over 40 had been %(5).

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Essay about Adultery - Adultery People utilize many different words to describe, define and even attempt to dismiss adultery; unfaithfulness, infidelity, playing the field, extramarital relations, having an affair are just a few.

Free Essay: Steinbock/What’s Wrong with Adultery? Adultery is a horrible sin to commit, but it can actually be avoided, although many people in today's.

Whats wrong with adultery essay
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