Variations on the word sleep by margaret atwood essay

The speaker wants to make the Journey through the dream as easy and peaceful as possible for the loved one.

Variations On The Word Love - Poem by Margaret Atwood

Also, the speaker could not become a boat or air, these are personifications. Lines are the two slowly coming out of the dream. In lines the speaker goes into the fantasy part of the dream. Lines go deeper into the dream deeper.

These lines illustrate all the desire the speaker has to be with their lover. The speaker wants to as important to the loved one as air is to life, but at the same time as unnoticed as breathing.

Lines explain that the speaker wants to travel with her loved one into their sleep. Because she is behind the loved one implies that she is someone to fall back on for support if the loved one stumbles or falls.

This suggests that the speaker is self-refrained and has a clear voice, however it also suggests yearning for something that might not happen. Evidently, Atwood uses her poem to portray different definitions of the word sleep by focusing on love, lust and desire Popular Essays.

This is again refers to her shielding the loved one from any harm. Flames are easily put out and because the hands are cupped is the protection of the flame. Atwood shows that wanting to sleep with someone can mean physically sleeping beside a person or sleeping with him or her in a spiritual sense.

Each part of the poem has significant meaning. The final lines of the poem tie together all the protection and control she would like to have over the loved one. Atwood uses the persona of someone who feels the need to protect as the narrator of her piece.

Hire Writer The reference to the silver branch, and the small white flower do not mean that the speaker really wants to give the items to the loved one. The speaker would also like to become air to give the loved one life. The speaker also references the loved one too flame, she means that Is his existence.

These items are symbolic of honor, power, good-luck, good, peace and hope. The speaker tells the loved one that she would like to follow him or her up the long stairway.

“Variations on the Word Sleep” By Margaret Atwood Essay Paper

We see the narrator as being straightforward, expressing their love for their lover. These lines describe the Journey into sleep.

The speaker is asking permission as well as recognizing the hopelessness of this goal. The speaker would like to be a boat that would take the loved one to safety. The forest also has significant meaning because In dreams you confront your subconscious feelings the forest homebodies the many feelings and thoughts.

The speaker continues to show desire for support in lines Analysis of the Poem “Variations on the Word Love” Essay. B. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample.

To get a unique essay The theme of the poem “Variations on the Word Love” by Margaret Atwood is that there is a wide range of types of love that are expressed differently. “Variations on the Word Sleep” By Margaret Atwood.

Essay on "Variations on the Word Sleep" By Margaret Atwood Variations on the Word Sleep By Margaret Atwood In Variations on the Word Sleep the narrator of the poem immediately addresses his/her conscience need to connect with the other person, and they also recognize the hopelessness of this goal: "I would like to watch you sleeping, which may.

Margaret Atwood's poem states from the title itself that the text is intended as a "variation on the word sleep". It is evident though that the poem is not merely about. Variation on the Word Sleep - I would like to watch you sleeping, I would like to watch you sleeping, Margaret Atwood was born in in Ottawa, Ontario.

She earned a BA from Victoria College, University of Toronto, and an MA from Harvard. The poem “Variations of the Word Sleep” is an excellent example of Atwood’s talent for revealing feelings of separations and also for showing the romance in giving up ones’ own identity for the sake of love.

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Analysis of the Variations of the Word Sleep

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Poem Variation on the Word Sleep by Margret Atwood

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Variations on the word sleep by margaret atwood essay
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