Speech analysis with pathos logos

The Forest of Rhetoric

The first kind depends on the personal character of the speaker [ethos]; the second on putting the audience into a certain frame of mind [pathos]; the third on the proof, or apparent proof, provided by the words of the speech itself [logos].

Obama states that what has been effectively dividing the races in the past will not happen again: Logos Logos is synonymous with a logical argument. Grievous here denotes "deserving of censure or punishment" in context, but sets up a play upon the word in the line that follows.

Ethos, Pathos, Logos: Understanding and Writing with Rhetorical Appeals

Do your visuals evoke feelings of compassion? Thus, Obama is using inductive and deductive reasoning, which is indicative of logos.

Free Public Speaking Activity

This time we want to talk about crumbling schools…This time we want to reject the cynicism…This time we want to talk about [healthcare]…This time we want to talk about [jobs]…This time we want to talk about [race]…This time—This time we want to talk about the men and women of every color and creed who serve together, and fight together, and bleed together under the same proud flag Obama, par.

This is a move from the general to the specific. You are the silent third party. This is also underlined by the findings of Sandell: Pathos, being the weakest form of rhetoric, is utilized by Senator Obama sparingly.

To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. Antony is grandstanding with his rhetorical question.

There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory and our interests are in grave danger. The obvious implication is that Brutus and Antony have different views of Caesar.

Speech Analysis: Franklin Roosevelt Pearl Harbor Address

Obama conveys time in a powerful fashion. Examples of intrinsic ethos: We shall not always expect to find them supporting our view. The influencing factors for ethos encompass elements such as clothes, vocabulary, slang and other social aspects like rank, popularity, etc.

In essence, Obama is stating that the racism today has a sordid past in our history; it can not be ignored, but it must be confronted, discussed, and acted upon. The Virtues of Style provide a basis for an analysis of the style of a speech, since they provide a general scheme, which can be used to qualify a speech.

Instead, you must evaluate how the audience is likely to perceive the rhetor. What do you think? No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the American people, in their righteous might, will win through to absolute victory.

Japan has therefore undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. We could be providing logistical support, setting up a no-fly zone at relatively little cost to us, but we can only do it if we can help mobilize the international community and lead.

Therefore, ethos, pathos, logos, and kairos are all evident within the speech and expressed in various ways, striking language and repetition, and through different receptors, emotions and logic.Search The Forest of Rhetoric This site is optimally viewed using a frames-capable browser (MSIE 3 or above; Netscape 3 or above).


This online rhetoric, provided by Dr. Gideon Burton of Brigham Young University, is a guide to the terms of classical and renaissance rhetoric. Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest (the big picture) of. A comprehensive, coeducational Catholic High school Diocese of Wollongong - Albion Park Act Justly, love tenderly and walk humbly with your God Micah Looking for public speaking activities?

This speech activity will have students practicing their tone as they deliver messages. Students will experience how tone can quickly change the meaning of their messages.

This speech. Overview; Ethos, Pathos & Logos Of the modes of persuasion furnished by the spoken word there are three kinds. The first kind depends on the personal character of the speaker; the second on putting the audience into a certain frame of mind; the third on the proof, or apparent proof, provided by the words of the speech itself.

Discourse (from Latin discursus, "running to and from") denotes written and spoken communications. In semantics and discourse analysis: Discourse is a conceptual generalization of conversation within each modality and context of communication.; The totality of codified language (vocabulary) used in a given field of intellectual enquiry and of social practice, such as legal discourse.

Speaking to persuade: Motivating audiences with solid arguments and moving language from University of Washington. In the professional realm, we need to be able to argue without being argumentative. Whether you are fundraising for a nonprofit.

Speech analysis with pathos logos
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