Spanking vs time out speech

Michelle Horton According to the Freedomain Radio, the argument that parents use spanking in a calm, controlled, and loving manner is largely bologna — at least when looking at the majority of spanking instances. More tears all around. But nearly 40 moms have gone a step further, recording themselves hitting and slapping their kids as part of a new study on how parents and children interact.

Are kids with lower IQs simply getting spanked more often, due to their lower cognitive functions? Spanking Under 18 Months Image source: The data are particularly unsettling because many of the infractions that led a mom to hit involve petty misbehavior, like turning the page in a book before it was time.

Like taking away their toys? I felt her pain.

How Many Parents Spank? Those who were spanked as kids are much more likely to spank with their own kids.

Together, my quick-tempered 6-year-old and I have agreed to place our hands on our bellies — a technique she learned in kindergarten — to calm ourselves. Beyond teaching that hitting is an acceptable way to express yourself and correct behavior.

Increased Aggression Image source: Have you found successful alternative methods? Michelle Horton Considering so many parents use more intense means of spanking beyond an open hand on diapered buttocks, this must be said: Spanking With Objects Image source: And that number is even higher for boys, who are predisposed to more spanking than girls.

Do you still spank? Michelle Horton Many researchers are in agreement on this point: Apart from immediate compliance, spanking has negative effects on the other behaviors.

Gershoff analyzed 88 studies over 62 years to determine the effects of spanking on 11 child behaviors. Elizabeth Gershoff — Associate Professor of Human Development and Family Services at The University of Texas at Austin — spanking has negative effects on other behaviors beyond what the spanking was trying to correct.

According to a study done by Duke Universitychildren spanked as 1-year-olds are more likely to behave aggressively. When Does the Spanking Stop? Michelle Horton So what would happen if we all stopped spanking our kids?

The First Real-Time Study of Parents Spanking Their Kids

So what does spanking really teach? A Regional Issue Image source: Or will they perhaps be less prone to aggressive outbursts and physical altercations? Most researchers and child psychology experts agree that corporal punishment instills fear rather than true comprehension.Apr 20,  · Disciplining and spanking your child, from a single mom Time Out Vs.

Spanking / The 5 R's: Respectful, Persuasive Speech:Spanking children - Duration: bwright 70, views. Pro spanking groups believe that spanking/corporal punishment is okay, when used for a clear and deliberate misbehavior, and works best when coupled with other forms of discipline such as, "time out"/5(11).

18 Important Facts About Spanking. Image source: Thinkstock. I was strolling through the grocery store last week when a sibling argument broke out, prompting a tiny overalls-clad boy (maybe 3.

Discipline debate: Spanking gets a timeout

Spanking is the most popular way for a parent to take control and get the child’s attention (Moms vs. The World). “It’s not always about the spank itself” says Kate Morrall, a writer for Parent and Child Magazine, “It’s more about scaring the child out of the act of doing it again in fear of the consequence.”5/5(3).

Oct 22,  · Find out why Close. spanking speech Shenise Cuevas. spank or time out? - Duration: Speech about spanking children - Duration: Experts say that, if a child continues moving, talking, whining, while in time out, you are supposed to add on more minutes until they behave.

18 Important Facts About Spanking

With spanking, you just pop the child one good time and then they behave.

Spanking vs time out speech
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