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A lot or a little? Legendary studio head Jack Warner, then nearly 70, may have been getting a little soft in the head; he originally wanted Cary Grant or Rock Hudson to play Higgins and James Cagney to be Mr.

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Higgins finds her delightfully tacky and agrees to tutor her. Close unfortunately let us hear her real one doing Wagner on Entertainment Tonight when plugging the film--a harsh and strident moment Nixon should have been credited for her work, whatever our other reservations are.

Humorous references to beating a woman for misbehaving. At the same time, a well-bred member of the upper class -- an outspoken misogynist and elitist -- learns a lot about women, as well as about superficial appearance versus inner beauty ultimately, the sexism that propels him is shown as a handicap.

But Warner was worried. Almost Brilliant dxia 14 March During the first two hours of this movie, I had thought that it was the greatest musical ever brought to film.

Get full reviews, ratings, and advice delivered weekly to your Review of movie my fair. I have always been glad anyway that Hepburn did the part and it is certainly the only real reason the film still has life--the controversy about her getting the part may have as much to do with that "life" as anything: The two men work hard with Eliza until they feel she is ready to be seen and heard in public.

Was this review helpful? Sexy Stuff A single use of "ass," and a few "damns" as an introduction to a song. Those disagreements did not hurt the film one bit, and both men carted awards away from the Oscar ceremonies. Although they may have been spectacular to see on stage, movie audiences will yearn to see more about Eliza and wonder why the director spends so much time on her father.

Billy Wilder once said, "God kissed her face, and there she was. Its transition from stage to screen was littered with obstacles, most pertaining to casting. Educational Value Representation of early 20th-century England, with horse-drawn carriages, beautiful sets, and costumes.

Stay up to date on new reviews. Some drinking of wine or cocktails in social settings. Characters learn and demonstrate humility, self-control, perseverance, and integrity.

Andrews still seems primarily a stage star despite all the movies she made. The men make her an offer, but she declines. It is certainly true that Ms. She howls and shrieks as she tries to avoid the bath, but the tone is comedic, not threatening.

The dubbing and acting do seem to come to a perfect luminous moment at least once: Eliza Doolittle is a lot like she, in their rise from poverty.

Professor Higgins -- who starts out as an egotistical, woman-hating professor -- learns a powerful lesson about treating people with compassion and humanity.

I think we were grateful that this let us experience our grief directly by forcing something immediate but not cruel on us like that.

Set in a class-conscious world, the story portrays almost everyone -- including servants, the poor, the educated, and the rich -- as deserving of dignity and capable of great joy. Some critics call it the "it" factor. Nixon was "too fine," but rather not quite as good here as she once had been.

An exuberant scene in a pub shows characters toasting and drinking with whiskey, beer, etc. The movie opens as Henry Higgins Rex Harrison, who originated the role on stage meets Colonel Hugh Pickering Wilfred Hyde-White, also a member of the original cast as they are leaving the theater.

Hopkins had acted in the play, and this was the final film for Henry Daniell, who had been so brilliant in so many others; he died just before the picture was released.A wonderful restoration of My Fair Lady.

I love the play; I love the movie. This restoration makes the movie much more attractive and inviting than the previous Blu-Ray edition.

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It draws the viewer into the presentation. The faces, and everything else in the picture, are clear and inviting. The colors are great. Jan 01,  · "My Fair Lady" is the best and most unlikely of musicals, during which I cannot decide if I am happier when the characters are talking or when they are singing.

The songs are literate and beloved; some romantic, some comic, some nonsense, some surprisingly philosophical, every single one wonderful.4/4. Theater Review: An unaccustomed new approach to ‘My Fair Lady’ in this Broadway revival, one that puts Eliza Doolittle (played by Lauren Ambrose) in the driver’s seat.

Audience Reviews for My Fair Lady Pygmalion is a great film but not as charming as this My Fair Lady, an adorable musical version of the same play with delightful songs and a splendid cast - but even so, Doolittle's change doesn't seem as gradual here, and the film ends with a rather vexing, sexist conclusion%.

My Fair Lady is a terrific movie.

It has a certain thing about it that just makes you want to stand up and start singing. I love it and would recommend it to everyone.

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On Oct. 21,Warner Bros.' My Fair Lady held its premiere at the Criterion Theatre in New York. The film, said at the time to have the largest advance ticket sales of any movie in history, eventually went on to win eight Oscars at the 37th Academy Awards.

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Review of movie my fair
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