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Though it took another two years for her Government to secure the statutory and practical arrangements for asylum seekers to be sent to third countries, people began to be transferred to Nauru on 14 September and to Papua New Guinea PNG on 21 November For example, the Commission has concerns about the impact of detention in harsh physical environments in remote locations such as at the Leonora APOD[51] and the lack of appropriate recreational spaces, activities and access to education in facilities such as those on Christmas Island.

They argued this meant there was nothing left in the case. I understand that in some particular cases the minister will work through this case by case, there may be some reasons why this may not always be possible, but in the ordinary course of things I want to see kids getting a good education.

The return of offshore processing has caused enormous suffering. It was originally intended as an interim measure. The highest number of people accommodated offshore was 2, in April Department of Immigration and Citizenship statistics reflect that there were 4, people in immigration detention facilities and alternative places of detention, including 3, in immigration detention on the mainland and in immigration detention on Christmas Island as at 31 January The Commission is of the view that alternative options to indefinite detention in closed facilities should be considered.

Few asylum seekers were able to be repatriated. Persons who are detained cannot seek judicial review of whether or not their detention is necessary.

Australians demand end to Manus Island and Nauru refugee centres

Since this date the Australian Government has transferred a significant number of unaccompanied minors from this facility into community detention.

This included the case of a woman, Australian citizen Vivian Alvarez Solonwho was forcibly deported to the Philippines and who subsequently went missing.

By late May, Immigration Minister Amanda Vanstone announced that more than cases of possible wrongful immigration detention had been referred to the Palmer Inquiry.

Time to rethink offshore processing of asylum seekers

Under strict border control policies, asylum seekers who arrive by boat are sent to processing centres the Australian government manages in the Pacific and permanently bans them from settling in Australia.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Gillard told media "when we came to government we issued detention values about not having children in high security, behind razor wire, and obviously we have worked to deliver on those detention values.

Key statistics

Particularly worrying is the use of detention centres previously used for adults to house children, without out an substantive modification to ensure the centres are suitable for children.

Lawyers for a Bangladeshi woman argued it was illegal for the Australian Government to operate and pay for offshore detention in a third country. Between andpeople from the offshore centres were resettled in Australia and in New Zealand. Under the Migration Act there is no time limit on how long a person can be detained.

They are also permitted to work. This table does not contain statistics on the number of asylum seekers and refugees residing offshore within the community. Australian government immigration detention centres in Australia and offshore Facility.

Opposition to the system on humanitarian grounds came from a range of religious, community and political groups including the National Council of Churches, Amnesty InternationalAustralian DemocratsAustralian Greens and Rural Australians for Refugees.

While others are detained in lower security immigration detention facilities with less restrictive physical environments, they nevertheless remain detained and are not free to come and go.

They would only be detained for lengthier time periods if they are deemed to pose a risk to the wider community or have repeatedly breached their visa conditions.While the facts are unclear about how the violence at Manus Island detention centre began, the Commission has reiterated its position that asylum seekers who arrive in Australia should not be sent to third countries for processing.

Asylum seekers need to be treated humanely and with dignity, in accordance with international law and assessed. Turnbull's centre-right government insists off-shore processing is necessary to secure the border and deter human smugglers from claiming they can give asylum seekers a new life in.

Australia’s offshore processing of asylum seekers in Nauru and PNG: a quick guide to statistics and resources. Australia’s offshore processing of asylum seekers in Nauru and PNG: a quick guide to statistics and resources ‘The End of Off-Shore Detention.

The future of Australia's offshore detention regime falls under the spotlight in the High Court of Australia in Canberra, with lawyers for a. Offshore processing (referred to by the Australian Government as “regional processing”) is the term used to describe the arrangements by which Australia sends people seeking asylum who arrive by boat to either Nauru or on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG), where their refugee claims are.

Offshore Processing in Australia Prepared by Anita Schenk 31/10/ 2. Table of Contents Page 1. Title page 1 2. Table of Contents 2 3. Summary 3 4.

Offshore detention: Australia's recent immigration history a 'human rights catastrophe'

Introduction 4 Objective 4 Background 4 Methods of Inquiry 4 Definition of Terms 4 5.

Off shore processing australia
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