Little business man

Met Snap in the street, groggy. Went home in high glee, drank a bottle of champagne, and booked the young man for five thousand. A scrupulous method characterized my actions as well as my accounts.

My little dog, too, was quite fat and up to all varieties of snuff.

The Business Man (short story)

The Assault-and-Battery business, into which I was now forced to adventure for a livelihood, was somewhat ill-adapted to the delicate nature of my constitution; but I went to work in it with a good heart, and found my account here, as heretofore, in those stern habits of methodical accuracy which had been thumped into me by that delightful old nurse -- I would indeed be the basest of men not to remember her well in my will.

Feeling swindled by his employer over a pennyhowever, he moves on to start his own business. The creatures are always going off at a Little business man into some fantastic employment, or ridiculous speculation, entirely at variance with the "fitness of things," and having no business whatever to be considered as a business at all.

By observing, as I say, the strictest system in all my dealings, and keeping a well-regulated set of books, I was enabled to get over many serious difficulties, and, in the end, to establish myself very decently in the profession.

For this the unreasonable villains clapped me into jail; and the gentlemen of the Eye-Sore trade could not well avoid cutting my connection when I came out. He then becomes involved with "Mud-Dabbling", making people pay him not to splash them with mud. Sat down then, and winked at the lean lady, when I had the high satisfaction of finding him lift me up by the nape of the neck, and fling me over into the pit.

I was saved from being a "respectable hardware and commission merchant, doing a capital bit of business," and I felt grateful to the protuberance which had been the means of my salvation, as well as to the kindhearted female who had originally put these means within my reach.

Entered both gentlemen in my Ledger, and opened a running account with each. Now I am not in any respect a genius, but a regular business man. You can get a music-mill for a mere song, and to put it in order, you have but to open the works, and give them three or four smart raps with a hammer.

Never imposing upon any one myself, I suffered no one to play the possum with me. And, as my business habits, in this respect, were sufficiently understood, I never met with any attempt at imposition. In its original form, this law offered a premium for cat-heads fourpence a-piecebut the Senate succeeded in amending the main clause, so as to substitute the word "tails" for "heads.

The set of posters sent to the board for certification purpose carried the full title. Upon the inside of each of these I had to scrawl a few lines on any subject which occurred to me as sufficiently mysterious -- signing all the epistles Tom Dobson, or Bobby Tompkins, or anything in that way.The package includes pre-reading and post-reading study questions and ANSWERS for Morley Callaghan's short story, "The Little Business Man." Questions address the elements of a story (plot, character, theme, setting, and point of view) and specific questions to ensure understanding and analysis of this story, including higher.

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Little Business Man Essay

Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required.5/5(1). The Business Man. Method is the soul of business OLD SAYING.

I AM a business man. I am a methodical man. Method is the thing, after all. But there are no people I more heartily despise than your.

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The Business Man

Morley Callaghan’s short story, “The Little Business Man,” reveals that the importance of friendship and loyalty cannot be measured - Little Business Man introduction.

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Little business man
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