Farewell my concubine

Laizi and Douzi run away as they cannot bear the toughness of the training. Like many books about China, this is a fascinating read, because the cultures and mores of that culture are so very Farewell my concubine to most of a western audience.

The way that—even after the revolution of —the country clung to its traditions, nearly had them entirely swept away in an Orwellian frenzy-only to start regaining a sense of their past was terrifying and made for a wonderful section to read. When Douzi practises the line "I am by nature a girl, not a boy" in "Dreaming of the World Outside the Nunnery", he keeps mistakes the line into "I am by nature a boy The scene shifts to Shitou being questioned by the Red Guards on a few allegedly unpatriotic words he said years ago.

When Xiaolou announces their engagement, Dieyi and Xiaolou have a falling-out.

Xiao Si and Douzi have an argument about the physical punishments in the training, at the end of which Xiao Si threatens revenge. Betrayed, Dieyi leaves and becomes addicted to opium. Douzi looks dazed, but whispers, "I am by nature a girl They find Shitou being beaten for allowing their escape, and Douzi accepts his punishment as Master Guan beats him mercilessly.

Douzi responds that one day he hopes to give Shitou a sword like that. Plot[ edit ] As the film opens, a street crowd watches a troupe of boys perform Peking opera, supervised by their aging director, Master Guan. When they are on the street, they witness a performance by an opera master that inspires them to return to the troupe.

The film also follows the fates of Na Kun, who turns his theater troupe over to the new government afterand the abandoned baby, called "Xiao Si" literally meaning "little fourth brother"who is trained in dan roles.

Farewell My Concubine (DVD, 1999)

Little Bean has six fingers on one hand and in order for him to join the Opera—despite his excellent voice—he has to sacrifice it. Xiaolou intervenes when a mob of drunk men harass Juxian and says that they are announcing their engagement.

Critical reception[ edit ] Roger Ebert awarded the film four stars, praising the plot as "almost unbelievably ambitious" and executed with "freedom and energy". Douzi then commits suicide using the sword in the play. This release featured a censored version; scenes dealing with the Cultural Revolution and homosexuality were cut, and the final scene was revised to "soften the blow of the suicide".

Master Guan initially rejects him because of his superfluous finger.

Farewell My Concubine

They make love with Dieyi witnessing from the window. Douzi is to meet Zhang alone, and catches him in a lascivious embrace with a young girl.

Dieyi calls her " Pan Jinlian " a "dragon lady" from the novel Golden Lotus. Later, Xiaolou and Juxian helps him to recover and the troupe surrounds him to congratulate his return to health. A few years pass. I remember an interview with Jackie Lee who tells of his martial arts school and the terrible rigours he went through, so this is not much different, although absolutely shocking to our eyes, that young boys could be starved, beaten and humiliated in such a way.

This is the version seen in U. A patron, Yuan Shiqing, slowly courts Dieyi. Although the book does not end tragically, the film has a softer ending and also within the book the plotline regarding the abandoned child is not how it shown on the film.

An aged Master Guan shames them into re-forming the troupe. A young woman is desperate for her son to live, and to have a trade, carries her son to the Opera and asks them to take him on.

Douzi makes the same error of finishing the line with "I am not a girl". Farewell my concubine complex relationship between these three characters is then tested in the succession of political upheavals that encompass China from the onset of the Second Sino-Japanese War.

Douzi is afraid as the man eyes him up and down, and seeks to be with Shitou, but Zhang catches him and pushes him to the ground. Shitou welcomes the newcomer as "Douzi" literally meaning "bean"and the two boys become friends. Shitou corrects him and they continue practising.This awards season, we look back on Farewell My Concubine which was nominated for two Oscars and won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film in /5().

Farewell My Concubine is a Chinese drama film directed by Chen Kaige. It is one of the central works of the Fifth Generation movement that brought Chine.

Farwell My Concubine is the name of the Beijing opera about a emperor who is about to loose his empire & a concubine who rather than die than surrender. Read more Published on April 16, /5().

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Linh said: Dù là bản phim hay bản truyện thì cơ bản 'Bá vương biệt Cơ' cũng là một câu chuyện buồn/5. Oct 29,  · "Farewell My Concubine" is two films at once: An epic spanning a halfcentury of modern Chinese history, and a melodrama about life backstage at the famed Peking Opera.

The idea of viewing modern China through the eyes of two of the opera's stars would not, at first, seem logical: How could the birth pangs of a 4/4.

Farewell my concubine
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