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Most of our experts are PhD holders and scholars in different scientific areas. On the other hand, cutting of trees for settlements and natural fire incidents like the summer fire in Australia and unusual fire in Russia indue to high temperatures, are also causing deforestation at massive level.

Though, it is an environmental problem, it has serious implications on the global economics, geopolitics, society, humanity and all living beings.

The global warming has become the real test of the foundations of our modern society, civilisation and democracy. Industrial processes, power generation, transportation and domestic consumption of fossil fuels are major sources of anthropogenic emission.

Therefore, the world leaders have responsibility to respond to it effectively for the cause of humanity — our future generation. Generally speaking, there are three main and important points in writing college and university essays from scratch.


There are evidences that the coral reefs are diminishing due to temperature increase; which will disturb basic food chain in marine life. Though, there has been some progress in foundation work along with commitments from the world leaders to tackle this danger to planet earth, there is a long way to go for effective action.

Another country, Bangladesh which is deltaic region would lose considerable portion of land and its agriculture — a prime source of livelihood there will be destroyed. The thing we really care about is a high quality of our services.

Individuals can help reduce the green house emissions by many ways like: This difference will increase and the monsoons, which are normally life-giving rains, would exacerbate tremendously flooding the regions and destroying the agriculture — the major economic activity in the developing countries.

After all are the end users of all that is produced in the industries and energy sector. In this way the forests, which are major source of balancing CO2, are also decreasing resulting in its increase in the atmosphere. First of all, you have to conduct a good investigation, find some important data and offer some fresh ideas in your essay.

North America is a leading emitter followed by Europe and Asia. Thirdly, the global sea level has risen by about 20cm over the past years. However, there is increasing concern among the scientists that climate change may occur abruptly and explode surprises for humanity- beyond its control.

Furthermore, the effort at the international level is not the only way to control global warming; all the people can play their individual role as well. We need to understand that we have to switch over to these sources of energy as the fossil fuels are bound to be finished by the increasing levels of consumption; so why late, why not now?

Two-fifth of the world population lives under the monsoon belt. Since, the emissions are proportional to the consumption; these are not evenly distributed around the world. Generally, there will be a drop in food production in both the developed and less developed countries. Though the number of online essay writing companies is very large, you must be extremely selective once you have decided to deal with one of them.

Anthropogenic activities, causing increased emissions of green house gases, are behind the global warming. This, however, has a major implication for the world economy- the energy of which is mainly based on fossil fuel burning.

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