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In the Common wealth political doctrine of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth, "our state is a Republic or Commonwealth under the presidency of the King".

When used in connection with areas under U. From toalthough still legally known as a Commonwealth, the republic, united with the former Kingdom of Scotlandoperated under different institutions at times as a de facto monarchy and is known by historians as the Protectorate.

The current name can be traced to the second draft of the state constitution, which was written by John Adams and ratified in Kentucky is the only state outside of the original Thirteen Colonies that uses commonwealth in its name.

England[ edit ] The Commonwealth of England was the official name of the political unit de facto military rule in the name of parliamentary supremacy that replaced the Kingdom of England after the English Civil War from —53 and —60, under the rule of Oliver Cromwell and his son and successor Richard.

Among other references, the constitution furthermore dictated that criminal indictments were to conclude "against the peace and dignity of the Commonwealth".


Commonwealth of Catalonia Between andCatalonia was an autonomous region of Spain. It was initially established by a public consisting largely of recent immigrants from Norway who had fled the unification of that country under King Harald Fairhair.

It refers to the common "wealth", or welfare, of the public [9] and is derived from a loose translation of the Latin term res publica. The name was used officially for the confederal country formed by Poland and Lithuania — The Commonwealth introduced a doctrine of religious tolerance called Warsaw Confederationhad its own parliament Sejm although elections were restricted to nobility and elected kingswho were bound to certain contracts Pacta conventa from the beginning of the reign.

Pennsylvania[ edit ] The Seal of Pennsylvania does not use the term, but legal processes are in the name of the Commonwealth, and it is a traditional official designation used in referring to the state. The Commonwealth of Catalonia had limited powers and was formed as a federation of the four Catalan provinces.

Commonwealth (U.S. state)

Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth Republic is still an alternative translation of the traditional name of the Polish—Lithuanian Commonwealth. Massachusetts[ edit ] Massachusetts is officially named The Commonwealth of Massachusetts by its constitution. Puerto Rico and the Northern Mariana Islands.

A traditional English term for a political community founded for the common goodit is Common wealth symbolically to emphasize that these states have a "government based on the common consent of the people" [8] as opposed to one legitimized through their earlier colonial status that was derived from the British crown.

The name State of Massachusetts Bay was used in all acts and resolves up to and in the first draft of the constitution.

The term commonwealth is used interchangeably with the term state in the Constitution of Vermont. In a British context, it is sometimes referred to as the "Old Commonwealth". Its government during that time was given the title mancomunidad Catalan: A number of Catalan-language institutions were created during its existence.Home to billion citizens, The Commonwealth includes some of the world's largest, smallest, richest and poorest countries, spanning five regions.

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Common wealth
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