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In the first episode of Series 3, he and Rosie were now cohabiting, but she moves out after he wrongly accuses her of cheating. However, he was arrested for genuinely attacking Alfie and bringing dangerous Bad education into the school.

It is also revealed that he also went to Abbey Grove and was taught by Rosie. Preet van der Plessis portrayed by Harry Peacock first appeared in "Self Defence" as an Afrikaner self-defense tutor hired to teach self-defense lessons at Abbey Grove.

India Bad education by Phoebe Waller-Bridge is a drug counsellor who came to talk about drugs at Abbey Grove but actually took drugs herself.

He retains his job, but admits in season 3 that he is no longer allowed to supervise exams. On several occasions he showed that he was bad at communicating with parents and is insensitive to religious and racial issues, such as when he mistakenly believed England had instituted a religious items ban in the school and went around confiscating crucifixes from students, and when he said the word " Bad education " to a black person, later remarking that "that word is probably best left to rappers".

When Alfie and she first met, she came across as very friendly, but in reality she was just as strict about the school rules as Miss Pickwell was, with Alfie even at one point saying that he preferred Pickwell.

She had previously helped Fraser keep his job by exposing Pickwell had been stealing money from the school. At the beginning of Series 1, she broke up with her old boyfriend, stating she was too "physical" for him. At the same time, Wickers finds himself having to deal with the shenanigans of his eccentric headmaster, Shaquille "Simon" Fraser Horne and meet the expectations of a string of deputy heads: The story is set in a Catholic boarding school for boys in Berenguer confesses to Enrique that the new ending of the film is not far from the truth: Juan scored some very pure heroinso that his brother would die by overdose after shooting up.

He has a passion for dancing, musicals and films. He often stuns people by being good at things that homosexuals are stereotypically believed to be bad at; including football and advanced martial arts. In Series 3, she underwent a personality change, having become much more moody and quoting various artists and writers.

Hugh Jackman’s ‘Bad Education’ Adds ‘Blockers’ Star Geraldine Viswanathan (EXCLUSIVE)

As a result, one member of staff was going to be fired, but when Alfie resigned, he sold his flat so that Alfie could keep his job. Alfie strongly objected to his hiring due to the previous incident, and concern that Preet sought revenge against him.

In the Series 1 finale, he underwent a review by the educational board when a video of him accidentally showing an inappropriate video to students goes viral. His pupils wrongly maintain that it was a posh, upper-class boarding school where students practice homosexuality.

Kevin Schwimmer portrayed by Kyle Soller is employed as a new history teacher in Series 2, who claims to be American and had lots of wild experiences that impress Mr Fraser. She is never mentioned and never appears again after that. Plot[ edit ] In Madrid, young film director Enrique Goded is looking for his next project when he receives the unexpected visit of an actor looking for work.

In the Bad Education Handbook, it is implied that he legally changed his middle name to "Banter", a word that he is often obsessed with.

In "Fundraising", Frank had been held back at school, but had been held back so many times that he was therefore the same age as Alfie. However, he realised that his aggression towards Alfie was out of frustration for not being able to express his romantic feelings for Alfie.

She frequently schemes for more power, and nearly succeeds in unseating Fraser as Headmaster in the final episode of Series 1, until Jing proved that she had been stealing money from the school by lying about her expenses.

However, she revealed to Alfie that she faked her death in order to escape debtors and to live with her penpal, "The Beast of Bergendorff", a German dentist in his nineties who lives in Argentina.

But this arrangement appeared to be over by the next episode. She has a pedigree chihuahua called Coco who she considers a princess, showing more affection towards Coco than Frank.

The priest molests Ignacio, but expels Enrique nonetheless. He got a job as the new deputy head at Abbey Grove. He becomes emotional when Mitchell gives him an impassioned goodbye, but is called "gay" in response, as a reference to the nature of their friendship.Bad Education is a love story, a noir, a political statement against the clergy's sexual misconduct, and a melodrama, and I think all the "styles" and subject matters collide.

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What results is such 87%. Comedy series about a teacher who is a bigger kid than the kids he teaches. More than anything, Bad Education is an homage to Hitchcock-- Vertigo in particular -- from its opening titles to Alberto Iglesias' Bernard Herrmann-inspired score to its tragic, pitch-black finale.

It's hard to imagine Hitch making a 5/5(3).

Bad Education

Find great deals on eBay for Bad Education. Shop with confidence. Following her breakout role in “Blockers,” Geraldine Viswanathan is set to co-star with Hugh Jackman in the Automatik film “Bad Education.”.

Aug 14,  · With Jack Binstead, Mathew Horne, Ethan Lawrence, Kae Alexander. A comedy series about a teacher who is a bigger kid than the kids he teaches/10(K).

Bad education
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