Advantages and disadvantages of rural and urban india

The buildings are close together and living in flats is a common option which means that one is always surrounded by other people which will always lead to reduction of privacy greatly.

Too many people live and we do not feel easy. Is urban living better and why? The rapid inflows of rural population to urban places give rise to housing problem and thus slums are developed in these places. There is a rapid migration of rural people to urban areas for jobs and better living.

The modern-day amenities are not a part of rural living and the life here is away from luxury. There are clubs, libraries, cinema houses, and theatres for our entertainment and recreation. The prime housing units are rented out at very high prices and the outright purchases are even more expensive.

Transport facilities of modern towns and cities are highly developed. The geographical location, climatic conditions, as also education and economy in an area have a direct impact on the lifestyle of individuals living there.

People can find privacy. However, cities also change the way that humans interact with each other and the environment, often causing multiple problems. In general, urban wages are significantly higher, so moving to the city is an opportunity to earn that was impossible in rural areas.

The available resources and the plant and animal life of that area influence the occupations of the inhabitants, and in turn their living conditions. More metaled roads should be constructed. Teenage pregnancies are common in traditional rural areas.

Life is simple and natural. The urban centers have very little green cover which would provide a sink for some of the gases that are absorbed by the plants reducing their harmful presence in the atmosphere. What is the difference between rural and urban ways of living and what are their pros and cons?

Urban places are the meeting point of all good cultures of various localities. The socioeconomic conditions in rural areas are poor and the education and medical care facilities are less.

And there is environmental degradation. Pollution levels are low due to less vehicles and very less or no industries. However, they will return to the villages for peaceful living.

This affects their lifestyle. Many of the streets are dirty and unpleasant due to noise, smoke and dust. The urban lifestyle is practiced mostly in the urban centers like the cities and not for instance in the farming or ranching communities in the country side. Rural living may not be as lavish and independent as urban living, but the people here are more involved with each other.

Hence from the above one can see that urbanization has got benefits as well as it has its limitations, but if government is awake then it can eradicate the disadvantages of urbanization and take benefit from it to build a better nation.

Development in tourism industries: The sense of community is very important and prevents a lot of problems which may face a community since they are tackled as a community. There are few doctors and few hospitals.

Improvement in Science, Culture etc.: Large housing complexes and skyscrapers are found in most urban metropolitan cities.

We develop a love for humanity. They are generous and their hearts have room for emotions.Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rural And Urban India Globalization has had an astonishing impact on the modern world.

5 disadvantages of Urban Living

It has allowed nations to connect with other nations through mediums such as the internet, fax machines, music and television. I can’t think of any possible disadvantages of rural development, as the term is commonly understood.

If Rural development truly happens, it will mean that rural population will have a better livelihood and better amenities in rural areas and will not want to migrate to urban centers, making availability of cheap labour scarce. 5 disadvantages of Urban Living.

By a different lifestyle that despite having some advantages also has a host of disadvantages. These are. Advantages&Disadvantages of Rural&Urban Life. Rural-Urban Differentials in the Attitude of Global Systems of GSM Ndagi, India’s life insurance firms have exceeded expectations in terms of growing their business in rural India, both among the rural wealthy and the not-so-wealthy.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Urbanization

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What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Rural Living?

Related Videos. Full Answer. Advantages and Disadvantages of Rural Life Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Indian Society On January 9, By Vijay Rural life refers to the life of the people living in villages and under-developed areas.

Advantages and disadvantages of rural and urban india
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