A study on globalization language and opportunities

In this collection these questions are explored by Poet Benjamin Zephaniah, writer Sindiwe Magona, and author Jung Chang amongst others. The senior Honors thesis offers qualified students the opportunity to research a topic of their choice and to work closely with a faculty supervisor.

They discuss the impact of the language; and describe the part English has played in their life. When possible, students should select courses that both fulfill GE requirements and satisfy prerequisites for their major core requirements.

Increasingly experts are urging people to learn a second language in order to be competitive in an interconnected world. However, with globalization, we seem to have entered an era where different degrees of purity and authenticity are expected in different venues of learning and use.

In order to graduate, all students in the globalization studies program must complete 30 credit hours of course work chosen from among various departments.

Its focus is on the different approaches to English language acquisition taken by different waves of Korean immigrants to the United States. Graduates will have a similar range of career opportunities as that of any liberal arts major. More than in the past, for example, economic crisis in the United States leaves no part of the world untouched because national financial markets and trading systems have grown highly interdependent.

For students who choose to continue their education, the major will prepare them for further study in any number of disciplines or interdisciplinary programs, e. How is it changing in response to social, cultural, and technological developments?

Students are required to select two courses from each of the following clusters: Image via Jes Flickr. Students writing a thesis often receive funding to conduct field research overseas.

Undergraduate International Studies Program. It focuses on a number of different issues, including globalization and migration.

How often do you change they way you speak to adapt to different environments or accommodate other peoples assumptions? Academic credit earned overseas can be used for their Ohio State undergraduate degree. But it is an important area of inquiry as so much of who we think we are is bound up in the languages we speak, the languages we choose to learn, and the languages we use to describe ourselves.

Introduction to Globalization and Culture. Learning a language is thought to not only provide the learner with new language skills, but also to broaden their understanding of the world via the cultural education that often goes hand-in-hand with learning another language.

Clearly this is just a tiny sampling of the types of thinking and writing being done on the issue of language acquisition in this era of globalization. It can be thought of as a process by which countries come closer together through increasing contact, communication and trade to create a single global system in which developments in one part of the world become more likely to affect individuals and communities in other parts of the world.

The breadth of this major prepares them for work in the growing number of public and private sector entities that have to negotiate their way in an ever more complex and interdependent world.

Student interns are placed in an approved agency locally or in another U.

Globalisation and the English language

Students interested in globalization studies should consult with an international studies advisor as soon as possible. This open access article from Richard Kern explores the way the Internet, and its attendant technologies, impacts language education.

Personal Experiences How has the English language influenced your life? For a full list of study abroad opportunities and scholarship information, visit oia. Can we get an insight into who people are by how the use grammar and pronounce words? The Open University video icon English: Possible careers The globalization studies major provides an exemplary interdisciplinary liberal arts education that acquaints students with domestic and international debates on such topics as the global economy, the environment and cultural diffusion.

You can follow us on Twitter: For many of us the language can broaden experiences and opportunities, for others it can create obstacles and become a hindrance.

The Open University video icon Worlds of English How has the English language spread internationally - and is the worldwide influence of English a cause for celebration or concern? It also examines the role of, and attitude towards, English since the end of Apartheid. Honors and Scholars Honors sections of courses in the globalization studies major are offered at both the introductory and advanced levels.

Students may also intern in another country. Two introductory courses, IS How would you define your relationship with English?

A number of courses in the major have prerequisites, but these prerequisites may also fulfill General Education requirements in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The push and pull of two languages is at the heart of an article in The International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism.Over the past years it’s globalisation – accelerated by new technology – that has had the greatest impact on the English language.

English is a world language now, the dominant language of science, computing and academia in general.

Globalization Studies

Globalization and other factors speed language loss. Globalization is endangering languages, as people prefer to conduct business and communicate in widely used tongues like English, Chinese and Hindi.

EFFECTS OF GLOBALIZATION ON ENGLISH 2 Abstract This study is an analytical comparison among perspectives about English as a nonnative language and its function in Senegal, West Africa and the U.S.

Midwest. Globalization continues to intermix cultures, which can have a positive effect on cultural understanding. However, the problem is that there is a continued push to 'westernize' nations, which can.

opportunities open to you, and increases your power to act as a citizen of the world.

Globalization And Language Learning

At the Language Study in the Age of Globalization The College-Level Experience Educators, advisers, and parents may obtain individual Living the Language: Study Abroad, Internships Abroad.

Globalization And Language Learning. April 21, by rosemary pennington & filed under Education. Increasingly experts are urging people to learn a second language in order to be competitive in an interconnected world.

A study on globalization language and opportunities
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