A book report on by any other name by santha rama rau

Then, in a concerned voice, she asks Premila if she thinks Santha comprehended the implications of this incident, but Premila says, "No. My sister, with thousands of idealistic people of her age, felt strongly about the Spanish Civil War, and I, deeply impressed by her sentiments, fell in love with a young man I had never met only because he wrote beautiful poetry and was killed in Spain.

Instead, she is detached from her Anglicized identity. They walked home, and never returned to that school. At school in England we might be asked to support the international youth camps of the League of Nations.

After studying English literature at Wellesley Mass. When aged 5 and a half, with her 8-year-old sister Premila, she briefly attended an Anglo-Indian School where the teacher anglicized their names. She applied to Wellesley CollegeWellesleyMassachusettsin the United Statesand was the first Indian student to be accepted there.

The couple divorced in Her description of the way in which she was shaped by events in England, Europe and India position her as an elite transnational subject, crossing boundaries of nation with relative ease.

Harper, A Passage to India: The autobiographical passage is highly suggestive of the cosmopolitan lifestyle which Santha Rama Rau led for much of her childhood and adulthood.

This book comprises a series of short stories prefaced with brief autobiographical passages which provide a context to the stories. The latter experience formed the basis for her second book, East of Home Jai also has two stepchildren, Morgan and Ross Mandeville. Faubion Bowers died in November and is survived by his son, Jai.

Few pass them on their difficult return home; when they finally arrive, the ayah, who carries a tray of lunch for their mother, is somewhat alarmed and asks them what has happened.

Her grandfather, Benegal Raghavendra Rau, had been one of the earliest Indian doctors educated in western medicine.

Santha Rama Rau

When they do play, the customary manner of Indian children is to politely allow some to win, but the English children repudiate this behavior in their extreme competitiveness.

During this period she published travel essays and short stories in such periodicals as The New Yorker and Vogue; completed her third novel, Remember the House ; and wrote a stage adaptation first produced in London, of E.

Wattles, and had no children. All this was, naturally, quite typical of the generation that grew up in Europe between the wars. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Her privileged social background is also clear from her personal connections with major figures in Indian history, as well as the fact that her migrant family were able to offer shelter to refugees during the war.

This mention of tests presages what occurs next: Victor Gollancz,pp. New York Times Secondary works: Like so many of our friends, we took in refugees from Dachau and other concentration camps until they could find places of their own in London or get a work permit or a visa to America.

Home to India New York: InRama Rau married Gurdon B. Aroundshe accompanied her father on a political trip to England. The environment there they found to be condescending, as their teacher told them that "Indians cheat".

In London we could not, of course, help knowing a good deal about what was going on in India. Then, as they go out the door, the teacher attempts to say something, but they do not bother to listen.

As the heat of the day is upon them, Premila tells her little sister to put her notebook on her head to protect it from the sun. Dell, Contributions to periodicals: On French beaches we might meet groups of Hitler Youth on some kind of organized walking tour.By Any Other Name.

By Santha Rama Rau.

By Any Other Name

The New Yorker, March 17, P. Young Santha felt like someone with a dual-personality - she had a detached concern in the actions of "Cynthia" but. Santha Rama Rau’s most popular book is The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana. Santha Rama Rau has 15 books on Goodreads with ratings. Santha Rama Rau’s most popular book is The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana.

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"By Any Other Name" by Santha Rama Rau is a story of the difficulty of holding onto one's cultural identity when dropped into a different culture.

Santha and her sister Premila are placed in an Anglo-Indian day school and must face cultural diffusion. Santha and Premila's mother places the girls. In the story By Any Other Name, by Santha Rama Rau, a Hindu girl was manipulated to be called by an English name which was not hers and was stereotyped as cheater, just because of her nationality.

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Likewise, in China the Cultural Revolution took place from to under Mao Tse Tung's communist dictatorship/5(3).

By Any Other Name has 9 ratings and 0 reviews: Santha Rama Rau (24 January – 21 April ) was an Indian American travel writer/5(9).

A book report on by any other name by santha rama rau
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